The future needs a big kiss!

Montag, 2. Juli 2007 The African Well Fund's 5th Annual "Build a Well for Bono's Birthday" fundraising drive has raised over $34,000. All proceeds of the fundraiser will go directly to African Well Fund partner Africare, a leading non-profit organization assisting Africa, to fund clean water projects throughout the continent. [arrow more] Universal Music Group of Vivendi - the world's biggest music corporation and home to the likes of U2 and Amy Winehouse - has told Apple it would not renew its annual contract to sell music through the company, according to leaked reports.
[arrow more] Blair played the instrument during his teenage years in rock band Ugly Rumours - something Bono believes helped make his years as Prime Minister a success.

He says, "They're often very clever (guitar players), very studious - they spend hours in the bedroom practicing - you know, swottish. [arrow more]

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